how to stay awake

how to stay awake

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


i have been trying ti use my juicer (that my parents got me years ago) more often.  I started out with "Mean Green Juice" and tried that every morning for a week after I was done walking.  It wasn't too bad, but wasn't what I was expecting either.  It had Kale, ginger root, green apple, cucumber, celery and a squeeze of lemon.  Pretty sour. 
 Then I tried some veggie juice with tomatoes and cilantro added to the above leaving out the apple and ginger root.  I also added some onion and a squeeze of lime.  It tasted like salsa.
  By this time Thomas was wanting to try different combos so we went back to fruit.  We did a couple of apples(red and green) some carrots and some ginger root.  A nice apple cider that would do well heated up and with a dash of cinnamon.
    But the best by far is the cool summer smoothie we came up with a few days ago. 
 Here is the recipe:


 1 large green apple
 2 small red apples
 1 large peach
 1 handful of baby carrots(or 1 carrot)
 1/4" slice of ginger root

    Juice the above in a juicer.  Pour over ice and add a dash of cinnamon if desired( I like it both ways). and Enjoy!

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