how to stay awake

how to stay awake

Monday, July 25, 2011

It's HOT!

I know it's been a while and I have really been meaning to up date- but other than the fact that it is hot, really HOT, there hasn't been much going on.  We are on day 24 of 100+ degree weather, so we usually stay inside during the day.  Emerging only after the sun has gone down and then we play at the park(don't throw water on the kids while they are on the play scape then chase them.  That leads to painful falls and bruised knees and chins).  It's still hot after sun down, just not as hot.  My sister and I have been walking in the morning(it's about 83 degrees then).  We do about 2.5 miles with a little mini sprint to boost our calorie burn although the only thing that is burning is my lungs.  Which is really sad because I don't think we have run more than 3-5 seconds at one time.  But it's all about building endurance, right?  At this rate, we will be able to run a full marathon in about 50 years! 
        School is starting back up soon.  I alternate between being ready(more than ready)for the kids to go back to being sad that 4 of them will be going this year!  I got the back to school list and I am just wondering- do schools actually BUY any of their own supplies any more?  What happened to getting a couple of folders and note books along with some pen and pencils?  Now I am buying colored paper, drawing paper, scissors, crayons, markers, glue, colored pencils, rulers, gallon baggies, Kleenex, plus the tons of paper, folders, pencils etc. that they want.  And they are even specifically requesting name brand items(crayola crayons and markers instead of Rose art) and certain brands of paper(the colored paper and drawing paper cannot be the tear out kind).    School shopping should be fun to do with my kids, but these lists just make me grind my teeth(4 boxes of crayons for 1 kindergartener, 42 pencils for my 6th grader). 
   I need to stop now or I could go on forever! :)  
So that is the update for now.  I am hopefully uploading pictures before too long(that means within the next month).

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