how to stay awake

how to stay awake

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

just when you think you've had a bad day....

The other day I was typing away at my computer.  Connor was playing Pikmin(his video game- they get 1/2hr of play time after they clean for 1/2 hr.),  Thomas was(is still) at camp, and the rest of the kids were taking a nap.  They had been sleeping for about an hour or so when Abbie toddles up to my side, holding her hands up to be picked up.  I figured Taylor was up also and had gotten her little sister out of the crib.  So I picked up little Abbie, she pats my cheek and rubs my back(what a cutie!) and I notice she doesnt' have a diaper on. 
  And then I notice that she stinks.
    and her little bottom is suspiciously clean
         ......but her hands aren't.
(I refer you to a couple of sentences back- where she pats my CHEEK and rubs my back....yep....)

    I take her down the hall and meet Taylor coming out of her room with a bunch of wipes in her hand.  She looks up at me and says, "Mom, I just cleaned a bunch of poop off the wall".   Abbie got a shower and a bath while I scrubbed her bed, floor and wall with lysol and washed everything in her crib.
    All the while I couldn't help but remember not so long ago when Hunter was Abbie's age.  I was trying to doze off on the couch(at the time I thought 4 kids were exhausting!), when Hunter toddles up to me, his face level with mine. 
   "Hi, Huntie" I say.
He smiles his cute little smile, his bare tummy sticking out and pokes his chubby little hand in the back of his diaper.  So I ask the obvious,       "Are you stinky?", thinking "I really don't want to get up!"  He answers by pulling his hand out of the back of his diaper and wiping his finger on my forehead. 
     Nothing will ruin a peaceful nap quicker than that!
I have been told I should write this stuff down before I forget it- but somethings are just burned into your memory.

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